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We help Local & Global entrepreneurs fulfil their dreams and to succeed
in beautiful Canada.

Joyce v. Labbe | Founder & Chief Consultant

Local or moving to Canada, we are here to assist you with all your business needs. Some of our happiest clients are clients who hire us to ignite their flame of vision in "starting their business journey".
We offer pre-launch consultation, in researching your business idea, and venture to see if there is a need or want within the community of your choice.  This will help limit disappointment in the future.
"Know before you start on your journey to success"!

who we are

Joyce Labbe is the inspirational founder and Chief Consultant of business entrepreneur consulting practice,  TKS Business Entrepreneur Consulting. Though based in Vancouver, British Columbia, she has worked as widely as Montreal, Winnipeg, and throughout Canada and has successfully supported over 30 entrepreneurs projects.

Joyce’s 20 years of professional experience, combining both the creative and business side of entrepreneurship, ensures she can manage complex projects with the highest level of flair and technical acumen. She has built strong relationships with her clients, as well as with professionals in Canada, Asia and Europe to create lucrative business opportunities for her clients worldwide.

If a local or international client has a business or idea, we are here to help bring it to a reality. We assist clients in building their businesses from the ground up, we help local clients who are already settled and clients who are coming to Canada, but need a helping hand.  We provide our guidance, business launch consultation, in getting their dreams or ideas formed into a reality!

We assist clients each step of the way, with:

  • Business planning, registries and professional licenses
  • Budget outline, costs and revenue on their investment
  • Location and sourcing potential sites
  • Local permits
  • Industry associates (realtor, architects, contractors. engineers)
  • Government funding and grants (when and if applicable)
  • Management and staff Training
  • Immigration consultants, lawyers and relocation needs.  

Why work with Us

Hassle-free and Friendly Service

We bring over 20 years experience to our practice, executing the highest standard of technical skill and business finesse.

We have access to a wide range of business services, real estate, lawyer team to support all our clients’ needs.

We ensure our clients’ budget and deadline is always met, throughout every project we deliver.


I just wanted to share a quick note and thank TKS for their guidance. Thanks to the trip, I made not only lots of friends and acquaintance but also studied demographics, culture, labor force, business climate and life in Campbell River.

hon ly |  Vietnamese Entrepreneur

Joyce is easy to talk to and is great at implementing and discussing through ideas for your project. With her previous experience, she has an abundance of knowledge to draw from for making your daycare functional, unique and fun for the kids to enjoy!

Mitchell Jarvie |  Urban Paving partner

We have been working with Joyce Labbe on a daycare project in Vancouver, BC. We have been extremely impressed with Joyce’s professionalism, knowledge, and communication ability. When we have asked for information or had questions regarding the project, she has been very responsive and quick to get us the answers we need. She is also extraordinarily strong in her team building skills and is very supportive of all team members.

peter smith|  AIBC Architect
our partners

At TKS Business Entrepreneur Consulting, we’re proud of our excellent network of architect, real estate agents, partners & friends.

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